Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

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This is the most ideal item to keep your vehicle clean and organised. It is a simple solution to a problem that all car users experience.

-Large capacity
-Versatile use
-Leakproof inner lining
-Waterproof durable material

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This is the most ideal item to keep your vehicle clean and organised. It is a simple solution to a problem that all car users experience.

-Large capacity
-Versatile use
-Leakproof inner lining

This car trash can and storage bag can accommodate tissues, wrappers, napkins, bottles or can even be used to store food. Collapsible shape. Adjustable strap. You can place this trash can on the floor, in the car seat or hang it at the back of the seat with the drawstring cord. With an adjustable strap this auto trash container can be placed anywhere inside the car. Durable leakproof inner lining. This bag has a waterproof and leak proof material which is easy to clean and wash. No need to worry about food spillage or other stubborn stains. Multipurpose. This car trash bag is a versatile product as it can be used as a storage bag to keep other items such as cups, toys and other accessories.

Product Dimensions:

12.7 x 12.7 x 17.8 cm

3 reviews for Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

  1. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this out of frustration with my kids. As a single mom of 3, budget can get a little snug so we were using recycled shopping bags for trash in our van. Of course, I was usually the one switching out the bag, and cleaning up the overflow. Moms, you know what I’m talking about!I didn’t think this would be a save all, but so far it’s amazing! We tested the leak factor before installation, and it held a gallon of water overnight with no problem. I hung it on the back of the console so everyone can reach it which was a breeze with the attached straps. The bags are so easy to load with the 4 internal snaps to hold the bag in place (you get 5 starter bags).Mesh pockets on the front and both sides, easily store whatever you might need readily available. In our case, it fit loose sanitizer, sunscreen, chapstick/lip gloss, tissues, wipes, on the go snacks, a reusable water bottle and some spare plastics cutlery that used to be scattered through the second rows, with room for more. Rideshare folks could store waters, chargers, snacks etc.The bin is roomy enough that it will hold bottles if you need. The top is easy to use and so far has been easy to clean. Ours has the zipper closure, honestly because it was cheaper but I am confident that the velcro edition is just as perfect. The zipper might get tiresome changing the bag but I feel it also helps keep and odor or overflow contained. (Tip for odor control: fill a snack bag with dryer beads, pile a few holes and store where needed. I keep a few under each seat to keep teenager funk out 👍)I would definitely recommend this bin for any mom taxi, or ride service for the quality and ease of use. It holds a lot and keeps the clutter to a minimum. Our van looks better inside and it has recieved a lot of compliments!

  2. db

    It was easy to install the braces and install the device in the car. It seems to work well so far. It is a bit smaller than I expected from the picture (“cause who reads the measurements? 😉 ) I like having the trash can off of the floor.I am revising my review rating because Hotor contacting me repeatedly using different tactics to to to get me to add the fifth star. In doing so, they lost a star. I made my review Hotor–don’t try to bribe, embarrassed, or play on my emotions.

  3. R. Wells

    The product is well-made and sturdy. At 10 dollars it is the right price. It easily installed on the back of the passenger’s seat (I used the strap to attach it just below the headrest so it is concealed from all sides). It is big enough for a decent amount of trash without being too ostentatious. Trash is easily inserted into the top and the design keeps it hidden inside the receptacle. The inner liner (a roll of these comes with it) keeps the inside clean and is easily removed when full. Even with kids in the back who put dirty feet and hands on it, it stays looking good, as the outside can be wiped down. This is one of the most practical and stylish trash containers I have ever found for my car.

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