ILIFE V5s Pro 2 in 1 Cleaning Robot

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The ILIFE V5s Pro Cleaning Robot is an automatic 2 in 1 vacuuming robot, that vacuums and damp mops your floors without you having to lift a finger.

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Product Features:
– Max Mode:
– Max mode increases the suction, which collects hair, shavings, powders, and dirt easily
and efficiently. (Normal mode can clean up to 100-120 minutes, Max mode up to 60-80
– Protect Furniture:
– Front obstacle sensors with TPU bumper let V5s Pro avoid barriers and protect your
– Automatic Charging:
– Automatically docks and recharges when power is low, and it is always ready to clean.
– Continuous Cleaning:
– Larger road over wheels with self-rescue technology freedom goes over uneven flooring.
– Barrier-cross for a height of 10mm max, while climbing for 15 degrees.
– 4 Cleaning Modes:
– Auto clean – automatically cleaning randomly
– Spot clean-deep cleaning on a special dirty area.
– Edge clean- clean along the wall sides, focus on corner/wall side cleaning.
– Scheduling clean-preset the time you want V5s Pro to run, which allows it to clean when
you are asleep or go out
– Anti-drop Sensors:
– A suit of cliff sensors keep the robot from falling off stairs
– Slim Body:
– Around 76mm slim body allows the robot to clean the bottom of the sofa/the bed easily
– I-Dropping technology:
– Intelligent control water tank brings an auto damp mopping spa for hard floors only
(wood, tile, marble, laminate).
– Makes mopping more efficient and reliable.
– Battery:
– 2600mah Li-ion battery provides a long working time up to 120 min, finish its work easily

What’s in the box
1 x Vacuum
1 x Charging station
1 x Battery
1 x Manual

9 reviews for ILIFE V5s Pro 2 in 1 Cleaning Robot

  1. Katina L. French

    Works better than expected

    This robovac works great on my heavily textured wood floors. Picks up cat hair well, and the damp mop function does a good job. It does struggle a bit with the door transition when mopping; I think the terry cloth pad snags on the threshold. But overall I’m really pleased considering the price. “Rosie” does a solid job of daily cleaning, although I don’t think she’s really designed for deep cleaning or heavy pile carpets.

  2. Curtis Lyon

    like it a lot and highly recommend

    had it a few weeks now, it works great!it covers the house randomly and haphazaredly. seems like it gets fixated on a room or area but after a 2 hour run it gets the whole househard floors are best so if I want the carpeted bedrooms done quickly,I have to shut the door and vacuum them myself laterproblems? you do have to pick everything up first, cords (beware if you have an area rug with fringe, it will get caught and shut down) bathroom rugs, socks,,,, it will push things out of its way that I didnt think it does get itself trapped so if you cant pick up cords etc, put something it cant get past and block that area off.It knocked over a baby gate and got stuck in a tiny area where it just kept running and runningit can seem like a toddler learning to walk at times but I have had to sweep or swiffer the hardwood floors since we got it

  3. Katia

    Love my little helper!

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     I was skeptical at first and got it as a gift for my girlfriend instead of buying for myself. Few days later I visited my friends and saw her 10 years old laminate shunning like it’s never did before. While I was visiting we tried mopping option and I was really impressed !Since that time I order one for myself and 3 other for my friends .Everyone is in love with the vacuum. I personally add fabulouso to mop it works great for hardwood floors and porcelain tile .For Laminate Bagi Oranit.Vacuum Does require a little attention at times ,and you have to pick up wires, sleepers , long curtains etc.of the floor. But it is worth the effort! You have to make sure the water backed installed correctly and mop securely attached. 2 kids + Persian cat, 1300 sqf. Vacuum first ,charge and mop. Battery last 1.5 hr at least.Deep cleanning add a little Clorox +fabulouso to the water and let it mop several times wash the mop in between. Do it every day!And be realistic !the vacuum is for your home not for garage type of deep cleanning!Worth every penny!

  4. Maureen Murphy


    However, it can be as destructive as leaving a puppy loose in your home. Day 1 I left a wine glass, albeit empty, between the spindles of the railing in a Bi-level home. As a result of the following escapade, we now call her Helen. In all Helens’ excitement in exploring her new home, she bumped into the glass and sent it flying, down to the landing then rolled down the steps only to smash into a thousand pieces downstairs. She loves to wrestle with the phone chargers and headphones! She loves elastic hair ties as well. She has the power of a semi, so If you sleep with protection under your bed, she may have moved it just when you need it most! All in all, she is a great partner when trying to cook for a party, do laundry and straighten up! One less chore to do! LOVE HER!!!

  5. gillybitz

    This rocks!

    For my lazy pandemic @$$ I love it! My dogs shed like crazy! It drives me mad always sweepingand vacuuming but now… Set it to run and I go about my business. It shuts off automatically and I empty it yaaaaaayyyyyyMy only issues-1. sometimes it sticks in a pattern and goes over the same area 4-5 times. So you have to keep an eye out.2. The bin is kinda small so a large space may require an empty in betweenPs / haven’t used the mop feature yet

  6. Lucy bruce

    Get what you pay for

    It does vacuum and mop but it needs a lot of help. When it works it is awesome! Pros.. it is quiet and skinny enough to go under the couch and bed. It sucks up things nicely and puts a nice wipe on the floor. Cons… the brushes get stuck a lot because they get wrapped with hair. It gets stuck a lot. You can’t just leave it and go. It will get stuck somewhere and run out of battery. The latch also was broken on the lid so I have to keep it closed with tape. I am sure a more expensive model would work better but this one works fine for the price.

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  7. P.M.D.

    Good but has some limitations

    I have an iRobot Roomba and bought the ILife for primarily mopping. The pros are that it does a good job mopping mid to small size areas. You do have to create barriers to keep it within the area you want to mop. Unlike Roomba it doesnt come with barriers. It does a fairly decent job mopping and doesn’t smear. The cons are that it doesnt have a remote app to control the unit. It comes with a standard remote where you can program times to run and use directional buttons. Overall, it serves its purpose and for the price I am pleased.

  8. Brenda Knoll

    Mops decently

    I have two ilife robots. The ilife v5 and the ilife v3. I use the ilife v5 for mopping and the ilife v3 for vacuum.I started out with the ilife v3 and it works super great I wore it out during a remodel so I replaced it with the ilife v5 because it mops as well.Well the ilife v5 does not work as well vacuum wise as the ilife v3 and has a noticeably less battery life.This resulted in much frustration because it didn’t vacuum as well not as long and then ilife v5 needs recharged before mopping.The ilife v5 does a better job mopping than I wasn’t doing so I was living with it for sure, just a little frustrating vacuum wise after the ilife v3.Thus the 4 star rating. Mopping I give 5 star, vacuum thoroughly and battery life 3 star. My husband suggested that because the ilife v5 mops so well that I should get another ilife v3 for vacuum and use the ilife v5 exclusively for mopping which is what I have done and it is all good now.

  9. Nicole Moser


    My goodness. I just ADORE our sweet sweet “Helen”. She works so hard each and every day. She sweeps so very well. She’s a bit all over the place but it works out. She doesn’t mop often (she really tries but we’re a bit better manually) but she does decent when she does. We have 2 mid-large pups and they all have a blast together! Recommend!

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