Portable Door Alarm


A must-have item for anyone that travels and wants that extra security and peace of mind. Used on almost any door (except all-metal doors or all plastic handles) it will ‘ sense ‘ someone putting their hand on to the exterior door handle and letting off the alarm frightening them away and alerting you and others. The Portable Door Guardian Door Handle Alarm automatically resets and is useful in places where door security is poor or nonexistent. A very clever piece of kit at a very good price.

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This brilliantly designed alarm has been created to help prevent Sneak-In theft, particularly prevalent during warm summer months but is suitable for many uses all year round. Simply fit over the internal door handle and if anyone touches the outside handle, the alarm sounds inside! There is even an exit delay when setting it so that you have time to leave the premises before it arms.

There are many uses for this alarm, for example, for anyone who leaves their door unlocked but would want to know if somebody entered. This can also be adapted to use on a push bar door.

Highly suitable therefore for students – backpackers – nursing staff – elderly or infirm and even travelers staying in hotels, etc. however please note that they are not suitable on metal or composite type doors.


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