FAQ, shipping & returns information

When will I receive my order?

Orders to South African customers are shipped within 3-5 business days, and our couriers usually deliver within 1 business day of receiving the stock. If the item is on backorder or if we expect any delays, we’ll be in contact with you within 1 day of placing your order to confirm the estimated delivery time.

Also keep in mind that as your items may come from different warehouses, it may be delivered by separate couriers. We strive to get you your goods as soon as possible, so we don’t hold the order back until all the stock is in one place – they’re sent immediately from wherever it’s being held. You are not charged for these extra deliveries – that’s on us!

What does shipping cost? Is it included in my order?

We charge a flat-rate of R99 for shipping, and it’s automatically included when you checkout. We unfortunately do not have any pickup-points.

How often do you update your product catalogue?

Our product catalogue is updated weekly, and we keep a steady rotation of products. We use a mixture of inhouse curation, expert reviews, trend analyses and AI curation to ensure the catalogue remains as relevant as possible.

Can I return my order if I’m not satisfied with it?

If the product is faulty, of course you can. Depending on the item, we can facilitate a courier to collect the item to be returned. Perishable, disposable and consumable items do not qualify for returns. When emailing us to facilitate a return, please include pictures or a video of the faulty product.

Also note that scents & fragrances can only be returned, refunded or replaced in the event of leaks or bottle breakages incurred during shipping. Returns, refunds or replacements for color, fragrance and intensity variances can unfortunately not be done due to the parallel import nature of the scents & fragrances.

Are your perfumes / scents parallel imports?

Yes, most of our perfumes and scents are parallel imports and are shipped in bulk from abroad – however, note that no claims or promises are made on these products. A variance in fragrance, color or branding material is possible, but should be minimal and in most cases do not exceed 1-3%. We regularly order random blind samples from our suppliers to ensure that variances are not out of spec, and in most cases no variance at all is found. While parallel imports by definition have no set warranties, they are packaged and sealed, with traceable batch numbers. Also note that some of these perfumes may have older versions of packaging or labeling than those in local retail stores, as these are updated frequently.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more information regarding warranties and return policies.

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